Boeliem (pronounced as booleem; singular boel (bool)) is the Hebrew word for stamps. tries to give a complete overview of all Israeli stamps since the establishment of the state in 1948. It does so by means of scanned stamp images, technical data of the stamps and the story behind the stamps. All information originates from the informational leaflets provided by the Philatelic Service of Israel.

About 90% of the depicted stamps originate from my own collection. I started my collection while living in Israel (kibbutz Sde Nehemia) during the '70. It was my father who stimulated me to collect stamps, because of the educational value of Israeli stamps and as a hobby for a child. While growing up the hobby went into a dormant state, although I still received new issues each year.

A few years ago I decided to revive my collection by completing my collection with the issues from 1970 to 1974. This site is a spin-off of that revival. In 2009 I completed my collection with stamps from 1953 to 1969 (as suggested by several visitors to the site). By means of this site I hope to pass on some of the educational value, which my father thought important, to the visitors of this site.

How to navigate?

Navigation on Boeliem is simple. The menu in the top panel is the main mean of navigation. You can reach every part of the site just by one click.

If you want to browse the stamps, just choose Browse and you will be taken to the index of issue years. When browsing through the stamps you can use the arrows on the left panel to navigate to the previous or next issue or previous or next year. Alternatively you can also browse by theme.

At the top right of every page you have two options for searching. If you want to have more information about a subject depicted on a stamp, you can directly start searching with the Google search engine or the Wikipedia search engine. With the help of Google, it is also possible to search within boeliem.

How to get in contact with Boeliem?

You can get into contact with Boeliem by E-mail. You can use the feedback-mailbox of Boeliem if you want to let me know your opinion about the site or want to give suggestions for improvement. If you have a specific (non-public) question you can send your mail to the webmaster-mailbox or the info-mailbox of Boeliem. See menu option [contact] for exact mailing addresses.

Enjoy your stay at this site!

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