• Issue: April 2015
  • Designer: Pini Hemo
  • Stamp Size: 30 mm x 40 mm
  • Plate no.: 980
  • Security mark: Microtext
  • Sheet of 15 stamps, Tabs: 5
  • Printers: Cartor Security Printing, France
  • Method of printing: Offset

"In 1960 this shoreline was straight. It ran in a straight, rocky line from the Lachish River to the Israel Electric Corporation power station, dividing the plain into two distinct colors — blue and yellow, the sea and the shore. And the sky above is blue as well..." (Binyamin Frankel, port construction supervisor, Solel Boneh, 1965).

On August 31, 1961, between heaven and earth, along the deserted sandy shoreline, the cornerstone was laid for the port which would connect southern Israel to Ashdod and Israel to the world.
Construction of the deep-sea port in Ashdod stemmed from a desire to populate the peripheral areas, economic developments in the State of Israel and a significant increase in the volume of Israel's imports and exports.

In 1965, following four years of digging, pouring concrete and construction, the Ashdod Port began loading and unloading cargo. It is one of the only ports in the world with no natural protection from a bay or river. Some three years later Ashdod, which expanded quickly alongside the port, was declared a city and continued its growth momentum.

In February 2005, Ashdod Port began operating as an independent government company. Since the port became a commercial enterprise it has employed efficient and innovative methods, investing heavily in equipment. infrastructure and the assimilation of advanced technologies.

The new "Eitan Port" was inaugurated in 2005. The first computerized container terminal in Israel, with its 1700 meters of new docks, expanded Ashdod Port's capabilities and strengthened its firm position in the world.

Along with advanced technologies such as the automatic computerized main gate, the TOS and ERP systems and more, the Ashdod Port Company Ltd. has adopted work methods geared toward protecting the environment and sustainable development.

After 50 years of operation, Ashdod Port is Israel's leading economic gateway and the largest and most advanced port in the country.

Ashdod Port Company

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Ashdod Port 50th Anniversary