• Issue: September 2011
  • Designer: David Ben-Hador
  • Stamp Size: 30 mm x 30 mm
  • Plate no.: 844 (no phosphor bar)
  • Sheet of 12 stamps, Tabs: 12
  • Printers: Joh. Enschede, The Netherlands
  • Method of printing: Offset

The Israeli Philatelic Service, in collaboration with Kol Yisrael Gimel Israel Radio, is commemorating select albums in Israeli music. Dozens of senior music editors and critics ranked their 10 favorite Israeli albums and those they felt were the most important albums ever released, from the founding of the State in 1948 to the present. We present here (within the confines of philatelic limitations) 12 select albums from various periods and in different genres, chosen from among the 100 top-ranked albums. The album covers appear on the stamps and each tab expresses the song selected from that album.

Arik Einstein and Shalom Hanoch in Concert (1979)
"Why Should I Take it to Heart"
Much of the Shablul album, the greatest collaboration between Arik and Shalom, appears on this live performance album.

Shlomo Artzi Ways (1979)
"Changes in the Weather"
After recording 10 previous albums, the album titled "A Man Gets Lost" was a turning point, followed by the selected album "Ways", which continues to receive record breaking praise to this day.

The Israeli Andalusian Orchestra Hosts Jo Amar (2000)
The late Jo Amar was the father of Mediterranean music. On this album he is accompanied by The Israeli Andalusian Orchestra, conducted by Dr. A.E. Amzaleg.

Kaveret - Poogy Tales (1973)
"Baruch's Boots"
The Kaveret band, led by Danny Sanderson, brought a new sound to Israeli music, also incorporating humor into its songs and transition segments.

HaKeves HaShisha Asar (1978)
"HaKeves HaShisha Asar"
This album features a rare combination of songs suited for the listening pleasure of both children and their parents. Yehonatan Geffen, Yoni Rechter, Gidi Gov, Yehudit Ravitz, David Broza
CBS, Producer: Dudu Elharar, Design: Michal) Levit.

Yehuda Poliker - Ashes and Dust (1988)
"Window to the Mediterranean"
This album expresses the feelings of creators Yehuda Poliker and Yaakov Gilad as children of Holocaust survivors and those of their parents after World War II.

The Idan Raichel Project - Out of the Depths (2005)
"A Leaf in the Wind"
This is the project's second album, incorporating Israeli music with world music.

The Doodaim - Album 2 (1959)
"The Flute"
The second album recorded by the late Benny Amdursky and Yisrael Gurion was released as a 10" record featuring nine successful songs.

Yehoram Gaon - The Middle of the Road (1984)
"In the Orchard Near the Water Trough"
Israel Prize recipient Yehoram Gaon has recorded some 60 albums throughout his illustrious career and this is one of the most prominent among them.

Ehud Banai and the Refugees (1987)
"Continuing to Ride"
This is the debut album of Ehud Banai and the Refugees, the band that accompanied him at the time, with musical production by the late Yossi Elifant.

Corinne Allal - Antarctica (1989)
"A Little Country with a Mustache"
This album, Corinne Allays third, paved her way into the hearts of the Israeli mainstream with hits that she composed herself. Musical production by Yehudit Ravitz.

Lehakat Tsliley Ha'Ud - First Album (1975)
"To the Candle and the Spices"
The band incorporated Mediterranean music and rock for the first time. with vocals by Rami Danoch and Yehuda Keissar on bass guitar, performing high quality texts and melodies.

Eli Lapid
Series Editor, Kol Yisrael Gimel

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