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The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS)

The Central Bureau of Statistics, an adjunct unit within the Office of the Prime Minister, is the central body for gathering, analyzing and publishing national data and information related to demographics, society and economics.

The data collected by the CBS is extremely important as it is utilized by decision makers at both national and local levels in making plans for the future. This data is also important for each of us as citizens, so that we may monitor the activities of our decision makers, and as individuals, in order to make decisions regarding ourselves, our families and our residential environments. The data that is gathered serves as the basis for the State of Israel’s official statistics. This information is in the public domain and it is the public’s right to receive it.

The CBS executes the Census of Population and Housing as well as other surveys, such as the Household Expenditure Survey, which determines the weight of the components of the basket of goods and services in the consumer price index and provides information used to characterize various aspects of Israeli households’ standard of living; the Labor Force Survey, which provides information regarding employment and salaries as well as about overall employment and unemployment; the Social Survey, which provides information regarding the population’s welfare in the realms of health, housing and employment; as well as additional surveys.

The CBS operates in accordance with the provisions of the Statistics Directive (new version), 1972. The directive requires every person to respond to CBS census takers, while also requiring the CBS to ensure the confidentiality of information provided by residents and to safeguard it vigilantly.

The Population Census

The Census is a comprehensive special operation that is executed throughout Israel, usually once every decade. The goal is to gather information from the entire population in order to present a complete and reliable picture of the population, its living conditions and demographic, social and economic characteristics.

Every country must have basic information regarding its residents for planning and development purposes and also in order to improve the quality of those residents’ lives. Good planning is based on information that is as reliable, updated, precise and as detailed as possible. The Census of Population and Housing is the most detailed source of information regarding the population in all geographical sectors, as well as about small population groups.

Use of the Census Data

Every person within the country or abroad may utilize the Census data. Thus, there is a broad range of uses and users such as government offices, local authorities, research bodies, public and private companies, international organizations, journalists, students, pupils and the general public.

The 2008 Population Census of Population – the Integrated Census

An Integrated Census will be conducted in Israel in 2008. As opposed to previous Censuses, the 2008 Census of Population and Housing will be executed using unique statistical methods developed by the Central Census Bureau. A survey of nearly 20% of the households in Israel, which will be conducted by means of face to face interviews, will be integrated with information from the population registry and various administrative sources (a complete count of all residents will be done in small towns numbering under 300 residents). The field work, including the actual count in the field and the complementary information gathered by phone is called the Population Registry Survey, and it will be executed from late 2008 through mid 2009. The Integrated Census will ease the public’s burden of responding and will contribute toward conservation of resources when performing routine surveys in the future.

Talia Ben-Avi
Director of Public Relations Sector
Census 2008
State Of Israel Central Bureau Of Statistics

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Central Bureau of Statistics - 2008 Population Census Survey