• Issue: January 2008
  • Designer: Ronen Goldberg
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"Mekorot" Israel's national water system, celebrated its 70th anniversary on February 15, 2007.

Mekorot was founded in 1937 by Levi Eshkol, the company's first CEO, who went on to serve as the Prime Minister of Israel, Pinhas Sapir, who was the company's second CEO and later the Minister of Finance and the hydrological engineer Simha Blass. Mekorot was established in order to provide water throughout the land and has contributed ever since to the realization of the Zionist dream to settle and develop Eretz Israel.

Today, running water is a given, but that was not always the case. The pipes, the valves, the drill sites, the reservoirs, the pumping stations, the regional plants and the national system are all woven together to create one single network that connects the length and breadth of the country. If not for this infrastructure, water could not reach our faucets and there would be no basis for existence in Israel.

Throughout the years, Mekorot has strived to fulfill its task - to reliably supply all of Israel's residents with suitable, available water. Mekorot provides some 80% of Israel's drinking water and supplies some 70% of its overall water consumption. The company operates 3,000 facilities throughout the country, relating to water supply, water quality and infrastructure as well as wastewater treatment and effluent reuse plants, desalination and more.

Due to the country's water constraints, Mekorot works on many levels to utilize every potential water source and integrates many complex operations

Development, production and integration of water from various sources: surface water (lakes and rainwater), groundwater from various places, desalination, sewage purification and wastewater reclamation, flow capture and rainfall enhancement.

Production and handling of various types of water: fresh and salt water, seawater, residential and industrial sewage.

Optimization of water source management to ensure constant water supply along with operational efficiency.

Water supply for many users: the urban sector, industry, agriculture, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority.

Constant improvement of water quality through development and implementation of water handling capabilities and sophisticated monitoring systems.

Water safety: safeguarding the continuous supply of suitable drinking water via physical, biological and chemical means, while facing increasing security threats.

Salt water and seawater desalination at various quality levels, while constantly improving the efficiency of the processes.

Wastewater reclamation and wastewater quality improvement for the full utilization of all reclaimed wastewater, to be used as an additional water source.

Flow capture for future use, as needed.

Rainfall enhancement at the average rate of 13% in the northern section of the country.

Innovative technology: WaTech - Entrepeneur­ship & Partnership Center for Water Technologies. The center was established at Mekorot in order to develop the company's operational efficiency through the most innovative and advanced water technologies. Via WaTech, Mekorot offers a beta site, technical support and analysis and a commercial platform.

Mekorot's knowledge, experience and ability to handle a broad and complex range of water related operations make it a unique company in the field of water, both locally and globally.

Hila Izhak
Mekorot Spokesperson

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"Mekorot" - Israel's National Water System - 70 Years