Tel Aviv University

  • Issue: May 2006
  • Designer: Hayyimi Kivkovich
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During the early 1930s, the Biological-Pedagogical Institute and the School of Law and Economics opened in Tel Aviv, and these eventually became the academic core of the nascent Tel Aviv University. Following the establishment of the State, the Tel Aviv Municipality decided to establish a university in the city, and in 1953 the Academic Institute of Natural Sciences was founded in Abu Kabir in southern Tel Aviv. A group of scientists living in Tel Aviv, together with young researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, led the fledgling institution prior to its official declaration as a university in 1956.

Over the course of time, new faculties were opened and the University's academic institutions were formed, and in 1963, the Ramat Aviv campus was inaugurated. At the end of the 1960s, the University received full accreditation from the Council for Higher Education and eventually developed into Israel's largest university.

The University grew very rapidly and from the outset set itself the highest standards of academic excellence based on the criteria of originality, creativity and scientific innovation that would enrich Israeli society and knowledge in general.

Today, as it marks its jubilee year, Tel Aviv University is a vibrant, forward-looking and internationally recognized academic institution. Many of its researchers are considered leaders in their fields, its graduates serve in senior positions in the economic, social and cultural spheres, and its strong reputation acts as a magnet for outstanding scientists and a focal point for international academic cooperation.

The University operates according to the following guiding principles:

With the celebration of its jubilee year, Tel Aviv University is committed - now more than ever - to its role of strengthening Israeli society through the exploration of new horizons and the promotion of research and higher education in Israel.

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Tel Aviv University - 50 Years