• Issue: December 2001
  • Designer: Yael Minian
  • Stamp Size: 30.8 mm x 30.8 mm
  • Plate no.: 316 - no phosphor bar
  • Sheet of 10 stamps Tabs: 5
  • Printers: Enschede, Holland
  • Method of printing: rotogravure

Israel's Mediterranean coastal strip is rich in biodiversity, landscape and
heritage. However, human activity and natural processes are endangering the continued existence of life in the coastal waters and the seashore as well as the quality of the coastal sand, cliffs, vegetation and archaeological relics.
Defining public rights to the coast, preventing uncontrolled development, and stopping the pollution and deterioration of the coast and the sea by means of legislation, enforcement and public participation constitute the main steps undertaken by the Ministry of the Environment to preserve the marine and coastal environment for the sake of present and future generations.

Israel Ministry of the Environment

On December 25th 1988, the Israel government decided to establish a Ministry of the Environment and defined its areas of responsibility as the following: conservation of natural resources; prevention of environmental nuisances and deterioration including air, water, marine and coastal pollution prevention, waste treatment and maintenance of cleanliness, protection from radiation and hazardous substances; environmental planning including environmental impact assessment; and promotion of environmental awareness.

The Ministry carries out its mandate by means of six district offices and works along with 39 municipal units established within the framework of local government. The Minister of the Environment is responsible for the Nature and National Parks Protection Authority, the Environmental Services (Ramat Hovav) Company, and the Yarkon and Kishon River Authorities. Since its establishment, the Ministry has been dedicated to upgrading the environment on the national priority list, to assimilating environmental concerns into decision-making processes of central and local government, and to involving the public as a full and vital partner in the struggle to assure environmental quality.

Yizhak Goren
Director General Ministry of the Environment

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Environment - Coastal Conservation