Children Paint Dreams

  • Issue: July 2001
  • Artist: Sharon Murro
  • Souvenir Sheet Size: 120 mm x 75 mm
  • Stamp Size: 25.7 mm x 40 mm
  • Sheet of 4 stamps
  • Printers: House of Questa, England
  • Method of printing: Offset

Four girl's dreams are depicted on the souvenir sheet. These are the winning designs of a stamp design competition that was held in conjunction with Israel's Children's TV Channel.

The Children's Channel invited viewers to send in stamp designs on the subject of "Dreams" by May 2000. 1500 designs were submitted to the Israel Philatelic Service from all over the country and included many children's dreams ranging from dreams for world peace and harmony to individual private dreams. Heart-rending requests, such as "I dream that my parents won't get a divorce" and "I hope my dog that disappeared will come back", were received and also dreams of the coming of the Messiah,

The competition, which was the initiative of the Youth Philately Department of
the Israel Philatelic Service, was held with the cooperation of Noga communications (the Children's TV Channel company) and is the first of its kind. During the competition many excited children and interested parents
telephoned the Israel Philatelic Service Youth Philately Department praising the idea of representing children's dreams on stamps.

The "Dreams" competition added a refreshing spirit to the proceedings of the Stamp Planning Committee and for the first time the Committee included children as "judges" who's opinions were influential on the Committee's decision.

Shosh Cohen
Manager Youth Philately Department, Israel Philatelic Service

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"Philanippon 2001" - World Stamp Exhibition, Children Paint Dreams (Souvenir Sheet)