Youth Movements

  • Issue: July 2001
  • Artist: Rani Radzeli
  • Stamp Size: 40 mm x 25.7 mm
  • Plate no.: 443 - no phosphor bar
  • Sheet of 15 stamps Tabs: 5
  • Printers: Government Printers
  • Method of printing: Offset

The youth movements are the largest organized group in the informal
education system in Israel. Some 250,000 young people, around Israel and from all walks of political and social life belong to youth movements.

Social and political developments strengthen the movements core of existence as educators and are the reason for the importance of the movements' activities concerning political education and the good citizenship of the youth who are the future of the country.

The movements are voluntary. The youth members are involved in the
development of leadership, social activities, trips, tours and camps. They contribute to the community in various social fields such as absorption of immigrants, assisting different types of populations, maintaining the quality of environment, coexistence and much more.

The youth members bear a social and national responsibility along with a sense of belonging and love for their country.

The Israeli Council of Youth Movements is the voluntary umbrella organization
for all the pioneering Zionist youth movements in Israel. The Council enables the youth leaders to meet, regardless of social and political beliefs, and deal with relevant issues in education, the involvement of youth in society and public activity and current events. These issues are all related to the fundamentals of the Zionist movement and the Scroll of Independence.

The following youth movements are members of the Council: Hanoar Haoved Vehalomed, Bnei Akiva, Hatzofim, Hashomer Hatzir, Beitar, Ezra,Hanoar Hadati Haoved Vehalomed, Hanoar Haleumi Haoved Vehalomed, Maccabi Ts'r, Hamachnot Haolim, Hanoar Hazioni, and the youth movements of the agricultural union.

Naftali De'eri
Chairman Israel Council of Youth Movements

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Youth Movements in Israel