Children PaintChildren Paint

Children PaintChildren Paint

  • Issue: January 2000
  • Designer: Miri Sofer
  • Stamps Size: 40 mm x 25.7 mm
  • Plate nos.: 389, 390, 391, 392
  • Sheet of 15 stamps, Tabs: 5
  • Printers: Joh. Enschede, Netherlands
  • Method of printing: Offset

Children are the future, and the future is in their hands. With the 21st century around the corner, there is nothing like looking towards the future through the eyes, hearts and minds of children. It is for this reason that the United States Postal Service initiated a global project which called upon all nations to join in the stamp designing competition for children aged 6 to 12. Through the drawing of stamps, children can express their dreams, hopes and ideas for the future.

The children's vision of the future shows advanced technology, scientific and medical innovations, more efficient communications, efficient use of natural resources, improved protection from pollution for the air, water and land, and of course the mutual dream that extends across all continents and nations - of all mankind living and acting together in peace and tranquillity.

More than 30 countries around the world joined the "Children Paint the 21st Century" project.

Each country held a national competition to select several of the children's designs, which were issued as stamps.

The Israel Postal Authority joined in the project, carrying out the competition with the close cooperation of the Ministry of Education.

The central supervision of arts and theater instruction in the Ministry of Education announced the competition at elementary schools nation-wide. 175 children's designs from 65 schools reached the final stage. The Judging committee for now stamps was presented with some 40 designs, of which four were selected.

Exhibition of the designs participating in the competition, along with the winning designs, took place within the framework of global philatelic exhibitions in France, China and London. The pinnacle of the project will be the World Stamp Exhibition scheduled for August 2000 in the United States. The children who won the competition will be invited to participate.

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"Stampin' the Future" - Children Paint the 21st Century