Waves disabilities Sharon

  • Issue: December 1996
  • Designer: D. Reisinger
  • Stamp size: 25.7 x 40 mm
  • Plate no.: 288
  • Sheet of 15 stamps Tabs: 5
  • Printers: Government Printers
  • Method of printing: Offset

One out of ten - that is the ratio of people with disabilities in the general population in Israel. 500,000 people with disabilities currently live in Israel, and are represented by the Umbrella Organization of Associations for the Disabled - UOAD.

The UOAD incorporates 27 associations for the disabled, which include all types of disabilities - congenital defects as well as disabilities resulting from illness, injury, etc. The various types of disabilities affect all sectors of the population without exception: men and women, young and adult, rich and poor, the well and the poorly educated. The UOAD is an a-political organization, representing all disabled people regardless of religion, race or sex.

The main goals of the UOAD are the integration and advancement of the disabled and exceptional people, promoting equal opportunities and full involvement in society. To achieve these goals, the UOAD operates in many ways, mostly in the domains of education, publicity, legislation, and the operation of three Information Centers in Tel Aviv, Daliat-el-Carmel and Beer Sheba.

The State of Israel supports people with disabilities, offering various services such as welfare allowances and rehabilitative public utilities, handling issues such as health, education and welfare, including an advanced legislative system. However, the most pressing problem is the enforcement of existing laws.

The UGAD recently won the petition No. 7081/93, presented by the High Court of Justice. The President of the Supreme Court, The Hon. Judge Barak, said in his pronouncement of the verdict: "The purpose of the legislation is to enable the integration of people with disabilities into society. Its purpose is to allow them to participate fully in all domains of life, to realize the basic value of equality and to grant them equal opportunities. The purpose is to allow them independence, to protect their dignity and freedom, by ensuring their equality and involvement in society."

The new stamp represents the attitude and aims, of the UOAD as well as the disabled population in Israel. The issue of this stamp - like other positive developments regarding attitudes towards persons with disabilities in the country -demonstrates society's awareness of the importance of integrating the disabled and encouraging their increased involvement in society, not only as the receiving party, but mostly as people wishing to contribute their talents to society and country.

We are hopeful that Israel will swiftly and determinedly approach the goal of equal opportunity and full involvement of people with disabilities in society.

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Equal opportunities for people with disabilities