Waves Graceful WarblerCommon Bulbul

  • Issue: December 1993
  • Designer: J. Smith
  • Stamp size: 20 x 25.7 mm
  • Sheet of 20 stamps Tabs: 4
  • Printers: Government Printers
  • Method of printing: Photogravure

From days of old, birds have aroused mans curiosity. Their vivid colours, joyful singing, and above all, their ability to fly, have excited man's imagination. Israelis unique for its large variety of habitats, as well as being located along one of the principal global bird migration routes. As a result, more than 500 different avian species may be found in Israel.

The Israel Ornithology Center, the Israel Raptor Information Center and the Israel Bird Ringing Center, which are part of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, organize the greater part of ornithological activities in Israel. These activities concentrate on three main fields: nature conservation, research and education.

Over the years, as a result of intensified education in nature conservation and the increase in the number of active bird-watchers, the number of bird species seen in Israel has been rising constantly.

The birds appearing on this series of stamps belong to the Passeriformes, or as they are commonly called - songbirds. This group includes over 5,000 species, of which 192 may be found in Israel.

Prinia Gracilis - Graceful Warbler

This warbler is one of the smallest birds found in Israel, about 10 centimetres long and weighing only some 6 grams. It is greyish-brown and distinguished by a long, cocked tail, each feather of which ends in a white-ringed black patch. The Graceful Warblers usually live in pairs, and are one of the commonest resident birds in Israel. Its song can be heard in gardens and fields all over the country. It feeds mainly on insects and builds its nests in plant thickets, relatively close to the ground. Graceful Warblers can have 2-3 nesting cycles a year, sometimes building a nest for a new brood, while still feeding the chicks of the former brood.

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Pycnonotus Barbatus - Common Bulbul

The Bulbul gets its name from the Arabic word for nightingale. Its fluty, varied song is heard all over Israel, and includes imitations of other birds. It is a medium-sized bird, about 20 centimetres long and weighing about 37 grams. Its plumage is mostly grey, with a black head and tail and a bright yellow patch under its tail. The Bulbuls are noisy birds which usually live in pairs (not necessarily comprised of a male and female). It feeds on insects and fruit, and is an agricultural pest, being found in any tree or shrub covered environment, such as fruit tree groves, gardens and human settlements. The Yellow-vented Bulbul is a very common resident bird. It builds its nest in a secluded place between the branches of trees or bushes and often fledges three broods a year.

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