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  • Issue: June 1993
  • Designer: H. Kivkovich
  • Stamp size: 25.7 x 40 mm
  • Plate no.: 183
  • Sheet of 15 stamps Tabs: 5
  • Printers: E. Lewin-Epstein Ltd.
  • Method of printing: Offset

What is drug addiction?

Drug addiction can be defined as a situation of chronic dependence resulting from habitually repeated use of drugs. This situation is generally characterised by a compelling emotional need to use drugs over and over again; by a tendency for the amount of drugs needed to increase; and by the development of physical dependence of body organisms on the drug. When the addict does not receive the drug he reacts with a withdrawal syndrome called "crisis".

Drugs in Israel

The bane of drugs in Israel has increased in recent years, from a marginal phenomenon to a problem of frightening proportions demanding immense public and governmental involvement. In recent years, there has been an alarming increase in the consumption and supply of dangerous drugs. Today drug consumption is not characteristic of one class in particular, but is common to all social strata in Israel.

The drug user harms both himself and his environment in a number of ways. Drugs injure his body and greatly increase his chances of contracting diseases. Drugs also damage his mind, his future and his relations with his family.

Apart from the personal, family and human tragedy, it is a disaster for Israeli society as a whole, as the user will commit crimes to pay for drugs. Drug use accounts for the loss to the national economy of thousands of work days, by drug-users and members of their families. In addition extra budgets are required for law enforcement, the hospitalization of users, and for insurance payments, totalling millions of shekels a year.

According to the data available, the situation in Israel at the beginning of 1990 was as follows: About 200,000 people were using drug illegally, whether on a sporadic or a regular basis. Of these about 30,000 were addicts consuming drugs steadily; about 15,000 were severely addicted, those whose physical and spiritual world revolves entirely around drugs.


The situation in Israel is critical and is likely to worsen if young people are not educated against using drugs - even one single use.

The efforts to reduce the phenomenon cannot be limited to attempts to enforce the law. The battle must be comprehensive and the educational system has to play the central role. The earlier a drug user becomes addicted, the harder it will be to change his behavioural pattern. The more he becomes dependent on drugs, the smaller the chances of successful treatment of the addiction.

The one conclusion inferred from these facts is that drug use should be prevented from as early an age as possible.

In order to fight drug use, the "Anti Drug Authority of Israel" was set up in 1988. This is a government body which works out policies in different areas, co-ordinates and backs up the work of all the bodies and government offices which have any contact with the problem. The "Anti Drug Authority of Israel" is also developing new services: such as, for example, the organisation of therapeutic groups to help people break their habit and help with their rehabilitation and the organisation of these groups in towns and villages in Israel to fight the scourge of drugs at the local level.

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