Huberman Memorial day 1989

  • Issue: April 1989
  • Designer: D. Pessah
  • Stamp size: 40 x 25.7 mm
  • Plate no.: 78
  • Sheet of 15 stamps Tabs: 5
  • Printers: E. Lewin-Epstein Ltd.
  • Method of printing: Offset

The first memorial to the fallen of the Israeli Air force was put up on a hill south-west of the village of Giv'at Yearim, in the place where a "Norseman" aeroplane of the "Air Service" had crashed during operation "Maccabi" in the War of Independence.

On May 10th, 1948 the "Norseman", a light transport aircraft, left its base in order to assist the "Har'eI" Brigade in the attack on Bet Mahsir. For reasons unknown, probably weather conditions, radio contact with it was lost and the aircraft and its crew of six disappeared. Only after the area had been captured and the road to Jerusalem opened, was the place where the crash took place discovered. The plane's engine was found in the Kessalon valley.

Subsequently, the engine and its bent propeller were brought to this hill and set up as a memorial to the fallen of the Air Force.

Airmen's Hill", today, is a nature reserve of about 450 dunams. In this reserve grow many kinds of natural forest plants typical to Mediterranean countries; among them are Arbutus trees which are indigenous to the place; the trunk of the Arbutus is a reddish colour, caused, according to one legend, by the blood of people who died in its shadow.

Once a year members of the Air Force and families of the fallen come to the Hill for a memorial meeting.

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Memorial day 1989