Hapoel Games 1975Hapoel Games 1975Hapoel Games 1975

  • Issue: April 1975
  • Designer: M. Pereg
  • Stamp size: 40 x 25.7 mm
  • Plate no.: 437 - 439
  • Sheet of 15 stamps Tabs: 5
  • Printers: Government Printers
  • Method of printing: Photogravure

The "Hapoel" Games have always been an expression of the movement's strength and importance which have developed from Meet to Meet as "Hapoel" steadily grew in stature.

"Hapoel" was founded on the 24th April 1924 and from a handful of enthusiasts, the organization has grown and grown until it numbers today some 100 thousand members in 800 branches and clubs throughout Israel.

One year after its founding, "Hapoel" joined the Workers' Sport International and one year later, 780 members from 17 branches got together and held the first Games - since then, there have been 9 such Meets.

The series of Games can be divided into two distinct periods -the first, covering the first 4 Games (1928, 1930, 1932 and 1935) which were of a private nature, restricted to members only. These were enthusiastic affairs and served to encourage the continued growth and consolidation of the movement. They also played no small role in helping the movement fulfil those pioneering and defence tasks which typified that particular epoch and in which "Hapoel" played no small part.

Then came 1935-52 - the period of the Disturbances, the Second World War, the establishment of the State - when there was no possibility of holding the Games. The second period began with the 5th Games held in 1952 when, for the first time, representatives of the international workers' sports movement took part together with delegations of sportsmen from all over the world.

Over the years, these Games became impressive demonstrations of the diversified activities of the movement and of the manner in which it had successfully achieved its aim of developing an appreciation of physical culture among its members. The Games themselves built up a reputation as Meets in which the world's top sportsmen could be found participating. They also became known for their high levels of achievement, for their highly varied and original programmes and for their superb organization, all of which were a source of encouragement and pride for the people of Israel and, in particular, for the members of "Hapoel" themselves.

The 10th "Hapoel" Games which will set the seal on the movement's 50th Jubilee celebrations are being held at a time for Israel, when, unfortunately, political considerations have been allowed to intrude into fields which should have been left untainted by politics. Nevertheless, this Meet promises to outdo all previous Games in scope, achievements and influence.

These Games, in which over one thousand sportsmen and leaders of world sport from 20 countries will demonstrate the strength, the organizing skill and the achievements of the Movement will help to emphasize the important role that international sport can play in bringing the youth of the world together.

"Hapoel" boasts 800 branches throughout the country consisting of 100,000 sportsmen - children, youth and adults. 64 of these branches are to be found in the Arab sector of the country. "Hapoel" is numerically the largest of the sports organizations in Israel today and counts among its members national champions and record holders in all branches of sport.

"Hapoel" is also very active in the sphere of popular sport and is responsible for organizing sports activities at places of work where tens of thousands of workers and office staff are employed - among 30,000 members of the Pioneer Youth movement and 3,000 pupils of the "Amal" system of trade schools -all this adds up to no mean achievement.

The mass events organized by "Hapoel" during 1974 - mass swims; various marches; cross-country runs; non-competitive bicycle rallies - attracted some 120,000 participants of all ages. It is hoped that the 10th International "Hapoel" Meet which will be celebrated throughout the country will be a kind of national holiday, a sporting event which will lift up the spirits of the people and spread the ideals of "Hapoel", the Histadrut and the State of Israel not only throughout the country, but all over the globe.

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Hapoel Games 1975