• Issue: Januari 1973
  • Designer: R. Errell
  • Plate no.: 368
  • Method of printing: Photogravure

"The Fjord" is located 20 kilometers south of Eilat, on the western bank of the Gulf of Eilat. Known by the Arabs as Mersah Murah - the "Bay of the Flowing Water" - and often called by Israelis Ha-Mifratz Ha-ne'elam - the "Hidden Bay" - the inlet penetrates for over 600 meters into the land mass.

Its tranquil summer beauty is enhanced by the blue water gently lapping the broad beach, which is covered by coarse-grained sand and small stones of many attractive colors. Wintertime, however, presents a different outlook, for sometimes waves up to 10 meters or more wash over the shore of the Fjord and sweep onto the coastal road running from Eilat along the eastern edge of the Sinai peninsula to Sharm esh Sheikh.

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Landscapes Of Israel (IV)