• Issue: May 1973
  • Designer: Dan Reisinger
  • Plate no.: 393
  • Method of printing: Photolithography

This was the ninth time that Jewish sportsmen from all over the world gathered for the Maccabiah Games, generally known as the "all-Jewish Olympic Games." The tragedy of Munich, where 11 Jewish sportsmen were massacred, only served to emphasize the unique situation of the Jewish sportsman in the world community of sport. Those 11 Israel sportsmen represented a "Kibbutz Galuyot" - they came from Russia, from America, from Romania and from countries of the Middle East, while some were native-born Israelis. The theme of "Kibbutz Galuyot" was again stressed as Jewish sportsmen from all over the world gathered once again in Israel to demonstrate to the whole world that we are indeed one nation.

This stamp is symbolic, depicting a multi-colored Star of David with a runner.

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9th Maccabiah