• Issue: March 1965
  • Designer: N. Wolfensohn
  • Plate no.: 129
  • Method of printing: Photogravure

The Second Jerusalem International Book Fair was held in the Jerusalem Convention Hall from April 4th - April 13th 1965, under the auspices of the Jerusalem Municipality.

The Fair aims at strengthening the country's cultural ties with other nations and meeting the needs of the publishing world.

The great majority of Israel's literate population speaks, reads, and writes at least one or two European languages in addition to Hebrew. Scientific and academic standards are high, and there is naturally a great demand for foreign publications.

The releases of more than 250 publishing houses covered the whole range of subjects of interest for the foreign publisher, with perhaps particular emphasis on biblical research, archaeology and history.

The First Jerusalem International Book Fair was a great success. With over a thousand publishers from twenty-seven countries exhibiting, it attracted 40,000 visitors from all parts of the country. The Jerusalem International Book Fair promised to become a regular event in the calendar of the publishing houses of the world.

The city of Jerusalem again awarded a $2,000 prize to a distinguished Israeli or foreign author or philosopher whose literary works contributed toward the freedom of man and helped in the fight for peace and liberty. On the occasion of the First International Book Fair the prize was awarded to the British philosopher, Bertrand Russell.

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Second International Book Fair in Jerusalem