• Issue: August 1964
  • Designer: M. & G. Shamir
  • Plate no.: 117
  • Method of printing: Photogravure

The Israel Medical Association was founded in January 1911 by a small group of doctors, upon the initiative of Dr. Moshe Sherman. Since its inception one of the fundamental tenets of the Medical Association was to interest Jewish doctors all over the world in the problems of medicine in Israel and induce them to join the ranks of the Israel Medical Association as foreign members. This idea evoked little response at first, especially among Jewish doctors in Russia.

It was only in 1936 that the Israel Medical Association succeeded in organizing the first World Assembly of Jewish doctors in Tel Aviv which was honored by the presence of the late Professor Chaim Weizmann at the opening ceremony.

The organization of the Mifal Haverut Hutz (Foreign Membership Project) of the Israel Medical Association started to take shape with the primary aim of obtaining the active support and participation of Jewish doctors abroad in the advancement of medicine in Israel. A first group was organized in the US in 1950 and joined the Mifal. One by one additional groups were set up in Austria, Australia, Italy, South Africa, Argentina, United Kingdom, Denmark, Venezuela, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, Finland, Colombia, Canada, and Sweden.

It was impossible to hold additional World Assemblies during World War II and the Israel War of Independence. The second assembly took place in Jerusalem in 1952, during which it was decided to convene World Assemblies of the Association once in every three years and to hold them in Israel's three main cities in turn (1955 in Haifa, 1958 in Tel Aviv, 1961 in Jerusalem, etc.).

These assemblies, in which hundreds of Jewish doctors from Israel and abroad participate, besides being of considerable scientific importance, give Jewish doctors from abroad an opportunity to take an interest in the problems of Israel, particularly in medico-scientific matters.

The 6th World Assembly, in honor of which this stamp was issued, was held in Haifa on August 3-13, 1964, under the patronage of the Deputy Minister of Health, Mr. I. Raphael. World famous scientists from the US, France, and Israel participated in the Congress, affording it a high scientific standard.

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6th Medical World Congress in Haifa