• Issue: December 1963
  • Designer: C. Menusy & Ch. Ornan
  • Plate no.: 104
  • Method of printing: Photogravure

"ZIM" the Israel Navigation Company for the transport of passengers and cargo throughout the world was founded in 1945 on the initiative of the late David Remez, Israel’s first Minister of Transport. It was he who chose the name "ZIM", which means large vessels. (Numeri 24,24)

The Company was founded jointly by the Jewish Agency, the Israel Federation of Labour (Histradut) and the Israel Maritime League. In 1959 the Israel Government entered the partnership.

At the time of the establishment of the State, the Company owned only one passenger ship (of 3,500 tons gross) with a crew of 150. Today the Company has a fleet of 46 vessels with 420,505 tons. In addition, the Company operates 55 cargo ships on charter terms. Eighteen new ships are under construction at shipyards in France, Japan, Holland and Israel (Haifa) – a passenger ship, four fruit-carriers, two bulk-carriers and eleven cargo vessels of various sizes, with an overall tonnage of 172,000.

The S.S. Shalom is a luxury liner carrying 1,100 passengers and a crew of 450. It will provide a regular service between Israel and the United States via Europe, along the smoothest and swiftest route. The S.S. Shalom has ten decks with de luxe suites of the utmost elegance, luxurious public rooms and decorative dining halls, a library, a theater, a synagogue, enclosed promenades for all-weather relaxation, swimming pools, sport facilities, children’s play-rooms, a winter garden and many other inducements to gracious sailing.

The decoration of the ship by internationally renowned artists from Israel and abroad provides an exciting background to a perfect journey.

For four years the Israeli passenger ship S/S Shalom, run by the Zim shipping company, voyaged between Haifa and New York. It was in operation from 1963 to 1967, boasting a kosher kitchen. The ship was sold, however, in 1967 due to lack of profits.

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Maiden Trip of S.S. Shalom