• Issue: Januari 1954
  • Designer: Otte Wallish
  • Plate no.: 81 - 84
  • Method of printing: Photolithography

This series provided additional denominations to the first definitive series. The likenesses of the coins appearing on the stamps come for three historical periods, the Hasmonean, the War of the Second Temple against the Romans, and the War of Bar Kochba.

The stamp of value 80 perutah shows a flower, possibly a lily, encircled by the inscription "Yonathan the King" in ancient Hebrew script. The inscription on the stamp, in modern, square Hebrew script notes "Yonathan the King" and "Epoch of the Hasmoneans." The tab inscription, solely in Hebrew, means "Epoch of the Hasmoneans 103-76 b.c.e."

The 95 perutah stamp in this series shows three palm branches. The inscription on the stamp reads "War of the Second Temple 60-70 c.e."

On the 100 perutah stamp appears the facade of the Jerusalem Temple with what might be the representation of the ark at its center. The inscription on the stamp reads "Jerusalem" and "War of Bar Kochba," while the tab gives the period's date as well as the name of the war, "War of Bar Kochba 132-135 c.e."

Seen on the 125 perutah stamp is also a coin from the Bar Kochba period; it shows a broad, four-stringed lyre. The inscription on the stamp means "Year two of the freedom of Israel" and "War of Bar Kochba." The tab is the same as that on the previous stamp.

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Definitive Issue: Coins (III)