• Issue: May 1948
  • Designer: Otte Wallish
  • Plate no.: 1 - 2
  • Method of printing: letterpress

The first stamps issued by the State of Israel were readied before the end of the British Mandate. That meant that the work had to be carried out in secret and in haste. A factor that held back the printing of the stamps for the nascent state was that the Jewish national leadership had not made a final decision on the name of the new country - the name State of Israel does not appear on the initial printing but rather Doar Ivri ("Hebrew post").

The images appearing on the stamps are those of coins from the epoch of wars of the Second Temple and Bar Kochba. These coins signify the struggles toward and times of Jewish sovereignty in the Eretz Israel. This theme was particularly apt for the situation of the emerging state.

There were nine stamps in the first series:

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Provisional Issue with Text 'Hebrew Post' (Doar Ivri)