Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

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Available in my opinion, in books or in sheets if you want plenty, stamps are the fastest and simplest way to ship letters, cards and documents in the UK or abroad.

Buy your stamps from any of our 11,500 Post Office branches and use them on every occasion and anywhere you want them. Pop a stamp to your envelope and put up when it suits you – in branch or in one of over one hundred fifteen,000 Royal Mail submit containers around the UK. It’s simple and convenient.chevron-proper icon

The charge of a stamp relies upon on how quickly you need your letter to arrive and its length and weight.

For additional capabilities like subsequent day delivery, extra repayment, tracking or a signature on shipping you’ll need to invite in branch for Royal Mail Signed For or Special Delivery Guaranteed services.

Format and maximum measurements

1st Class(Aims to supply the subsequent operating day)

second Class(Aims to transport within 3 working days)

Letter24cm long, 16.5cm huge, 5mm thickUp to 100g95p68p

Large Letter35.3cm lengthy, 25cm wide, 2.5cm thickUp to 100g£1.45£1.05chevron-right icontake a look at iconchevron-right iconchevron-right icon

1st Class barcoded book of 4​£three.80

1st Class barcoded e-book of 8£7.60

2nd Class barcoded e book of 8£5.44 ​

1st Class large barcoded ebook of four£five.80 ​

second Class barcoded e-book of four​£four.20chevron-right icontest iconchevron-right iconchevron-right icon

1st Class barcoded Business Sheet of 50​£forty seven.50

second Class barcoded Business Sheet of fifty£34.00

1st Class massive barcoded Business Sheet of 50£seventy two.50​

2d Class barcoded Business Sheet of fifty​£52.50 ​chevron-proper icon

Non-barcoded stamps will remain offered till stocks are exhausted and may be used till 31 January 2023. Customers are encouraged to use their non-barcoded stamps before this date. Where is this isn’t always feasible, non-barcoded stamps may be exchanged for the new barcoded version thru Royal Mail’s ‘Swap Out’ scheme.  

Please word, non-barcoded stamps can’t be exchanged in Post Office branches.

Customers need to fill in a ‘Swap Out’ Application forms which might be available from:

• where a form may be published or requested

•  Royal Mail’s Customer Experience crew – clients can call 03457 740740 and request a form be posted to them

 •  From certainly one of greater than 1,2 hundred nearby shipping office Customer Service Pointschevron-right iconcheck iconchevron-proper iconcheck iconchevron-right icon

Where to buy commemorative stamps

Commemorative stamps are most effective available in a number of our branches, use this branch finder to find your nearby branch which stocks collectibles. Please observe inventory stages range across branches and Post Office Ltd can not assure your neighborhood department may have the stamps you’re seeking out in stock.

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