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Migratory hen searching stamps have been issued each year due to the fact 1934.  The stamps issued between 1934 and 1938 were inscribed US DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE, and the stamps issued in view that 1939 have all been inscribed US DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR.  The proceeds from the sale of these stamps advantage Waterfowl Conservation and Waterfowl Habitat Conservation.

These stamps are issued at the start of July of every year, and they are valid for use on hen looking permits thru June 30 of the following yr.  The expiration date is inscribed on every of the stamps, as a result, the stamp issued in 1934 is inscribed VOID AFTER JUNE 30, 1935.

In order to be legitimate, the stamp should be affixed to every year’s chook searching permit and signed by means of the holder of the permit.  Thus, used stamps have manuscript cancellations.  These stamps are sold via the United States Post Office, and as such, stamp collectors also can buy and maintain mint circumstance examples for their collections.

These stamps are NOT simply collected through US sales stamp collectors.  They also have a global attraction to thematic creditors, hunters, chicken enthusiasts, and the overall public.  Due to the high call for for those migratory chook hunting permit stamps,on occasion called “duck stamps”, a lot of the sooner issues have become scarce andvery expensive.

The gathering of migratory chook searching stamps may encompass mistakes, plate blocks, proofs, artist signed prints, and greater these days, ornamental miniature panes. 

In order to maximize the situation content of this segment, the stamps of this era are shown in desk format, with a quick catalog detail description and an outline of the vignette underneath every of the snap shots.

1934 – $1.00 – Sc. #RW1Mallards Alighting

1935 – $1.00 – Sc. #RW2Canvasbacks taking to Flight

1936 – $1.00 – Sc. #RW3Canadian Geese in Flight

1937 – $1.00 – Sc. #RW4Scaup Ducks taking to Flight

1938 – $1.00 – Sc. #RW5Pintail Ducks Alighting

1939 – $1.00 – Sc. #RW6Green-Winged Teals

1940 – $1.00 – Sc. #RW7Black Mallards

1941 – $1.00 – Sc. #RW8Family of Ruddy Ducks

1942 – $1.00 – Sc. #RW9Baldpate Ducks

1943 – $1.00 – Sc. #RW10Wood Ducks in Flight

1944 – $1.00 – Sc. #RW11White Fronted Geese

1945 – $1.00 – Sc. #RW12Shoveller Ducks in Flight

1946 – $1.00 – Sc. #RW13Redhead Ducks

1947 – $1.00 – Sc. #RW14Snow Geese in Flight

1948 – $1.00 – Sc. #RW15Bufflehead Ducks in Flight

1949 – $2.00 – Sc. #RW16Goldeneye Ducks

1950 – $2.00 – Sc. #RW17Trumpeter Swans in Flight

1951 – $2.00 – Sc. #RW18Gadwall Ducks

1952 – $2.00 – Sc. #RW19Harlequin Ducks taking to Flight

1953 – $2.00 – Sc. #RW20Blue-Winged Teals taking to FlighteBay Auction and Store LinksUSA

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