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Migratory chicken searching stamps were issued each yr since 1934.  All of the stamps issued from 1974 to Stamps 1976 are inscribed US DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR and MIGRATORY BIRD HUNTING STAMP.  All of the stamps issued in view that 1977 are inscribed US DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR and MIGRATORY BIRD HUNTING AND CONSERVATION STAMP.  The proceeds from the sale of these stamps benefit Waterfowl Conservation and Waterfowl Habitat Conservation.

These stamps are issued at the beginning of July of each year, and theyare valid to be used on hen searching permits thru June 30 of thefollowing year.  The expiration date is inscribed on each of the stamps,accordingly, the stamp issued in 1974 is inscribed VOID AFTER JUNE 30, 1975.

Inorder to be legitimate, the stamp have to be affixed to each yr’s birdhunting allow and signed by using the holder of the permit.  Thus, usedstamps have manuscript cancellations.  These stamps are offered via theUnited States Post Office, and as such, stamp creditors also can buyand maintain mint condition examples for their collections.

Thesestamps are NOT just accumulated by using US sales stamp collectors.  They alsohave a global appeal to thematic collectors, hunters, birdenthusiasts, and the general public.  Due to the high call for for thesemigratory chook searching permit stamps,sometimes called duck stamps, a lot of the earlier troubles have becomescarce andvery costly.

The amassing of migratory chook searching stampsmay also encompass errors, plate blocks, proofs, artist signed prints, andmore recently, decorative miniature panes. 

In order tomaximize the difficulty content of this section, the stamps of this periodare shown in table layout, with a brief catalog element description and adescription of the vignette below each of the pics.

1974 – $5.00 – Sc. #RW41Wood Ducks

1975 – $five.00 – Sc. #RW42Canvasback Decoy and Flying Canvasbacks

1976 – $5.00 – Sc. #RW43Family of Canadian Geese

1977 – $five.00 – Sc. #RW44Ross Geese

1978 – $5.00 – Sc. #RW45Hooded Merganser Drake

1979 – $7.50 – Sc. #RW46Green Winged Teals

1980 – $7.50 – Sc. #RW47Mallards in Flight

1981 – $7.50 – Sc. #RW48Ruddy Ducks

1982 – $7.50 – Sc. #RW49Canvasback Ducks

1983 – $7.50 – Sc. #RW50Pintail Ducks

1984 – $7.50 – Sc. #RW51Widgeons

1985 – $7.50 – Sc. #RW52Cinnamon Teal

1986 – $7.50 – Sc. #RW53Fulvous Whistling Duck

1987 – $10.00 – Sc. #RW54Redheaded Ducks

1988 – $10.00 – Sc. #RW55Snow Goose

1989 – $12.50 – Sc. #RW56Lesser Scaup Ducks

1990 – $12.50 – Sc. #RW57Black Bellied Whistling Ducks

1991 – $15.00 – Sc. #RW58King Eiders

1992 – $15.00 – Sc. #RW59Spectacled Eider

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