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General License Questions

Q: Who desires a looking license?

A: A California searching license is needed for any character taking birds or mammals. Hunters must bring licenses and be prepared Stamps to reveal them on request. Fish and Game Code, Section 86 defines “taking” as hunt, pursue, seize, capture, or kill, or try to hunt, pursue, seize, seize, or kill.

Q: How long is a searching license legitimate?

A: An annual searching license is valid from July 1 thru the subsequent June 30. If the license is bought after July 1 it’s far legitimate for the the rest of the license 12 months.

Q: What do I want to do to get my looking license?

A: Resident, nonresident, and junior hunters need to gift ONE of the subsequent when making use of for an Annual California Hunting License or Two-Day Nonresident Hunting License as evidence of assembly California’s hunter training requirements:Evidence of an Annual California Hunting License issued in any prior 12 months;A Two-Day Nonresident California Hunting License issued after the 1999/2000 license 12 months;A California certificate of hunter education finishing touch or equivalency with a unique number imprinted on it (as an instance: AA00000) or a California hunter training certificate with no specific variety imprinted and a California hunter schooling validation stamp affixed;A certificates of a success completion of a California-accredited hunter training course from any state or province; orEvidence of a cutting-edge hunting license or a searching license being issued in either of the two preceding years from any state, province, European Country or South Africa.

Q: What is the minimal age requirement to buy a searching license?

A: There is no minimum age requirement for getting a hunting license if the applicant can display evidence of hunter schooling. However, hunter training instructors usually ask that scholars be as a minimum 10 years of age. Students must be capable of study, write and recognize the questions given on the written check required to finish the direction. Check with a Hunter Education Instructor in your place for his/her minimal age requirement.

Q: Where do I buy a hunting license?

A: Hunting licenses are to be had Online, at any CDFW License Sales Office or License Agent.

Q: What kind of hunting licenses, tags and validations are to be had or required?

A: See the Hunting License Fees and Descriptions web page.

Q: What can you’re taking with a Two-Day Nonresident Hunting License?

A: Two-Day Nonresident Hunting License are to be had to any nonresident, 16 years of age or older, for taking resident and migratory recreation birds, resident small recreation mammals, nongame animals and furbearers for 2 consecutive days. A Two-Day Nonresident Hunting License is not legitimate for searching deer, undergo, antelope, elk, bighorn sheep or wild pig.

Q: Can I buy a Lifetime Hunting License?

A: California citizens may also purchase a life-time searching license. You can discover facts about the lifetime license application technique on-line at flora and or any CDFW license sales workplace.

Q: How do I update a misplaced or destroyed cutting-edge searching license?

A: You may also gain a Duplicate Hunting License Online, at any CDFW License Sales Office or License Agent and pay the perfect rate. If you lose any extra validatons or tags, they have to be purchased at a reduced fee. (Fish and Game Code, Section 1053.1). A reproduction Disabled Veterans Reduced-rate Hunting License can also be bought at places indexed above.

Q: Can I buy a looking license for my friend?

A: Yes. You need to display your friend’s California hunting license from any previous license yr or his/her hunter training certificates as proof of meeting California’s hunter training requirements. Your buddy must sign the license before searching (Section seven hundred.3, Title 14, of the California Code of Regulations (CCR)).

Q: Do I have to finish a Harvest Information Program (HIP) Survey?

A: Yes. If you intend to hunt migratory game birds (ducks, geese, coots, dove, band-tailed pigeon, snipe, gallinules or black brant) you need to whole a HIP survey and a FREE HIP validation need to be revealed in your California Hunting License. HIP surveys and validations are available at any license agent, CDFW license sales workplace or online. Hunters may be referred to for hunting migratory sport birds without a HIP validation printed on their license.

Q: Are there any styles of loose or reduced-charge searching licenses?

A: The CDFW does no longer have a unfastened or decreased-rate hunting license for senior citizens. However, if you are a disabled veteran, you’ll be eligible for a discounted-fee looking license. Your preliminary application must be submitted to any CDFW License Sales Offices for approval and purchase. Subsequent yr’s searching licenses can be purchased on-line at any CDFW license income office or license agent. To qualify for this license, you need to publish BOTH of the subsequent:A letter from the Veterans Administration verifying which you have a 50 percent or extra carrier related disability and were honorably discharged from the United States military (Fish and Game Code, Section 3033); andEvidence of assembly California hunter education necessities (Fish and Game Code, Section 3050)

Q: What “resident small sport” species can I hunt?

A: Section 257, Title 14, of the CCR states, “Resident small recreation” way the following resident sport birds: Chinese spotted doves, ringed turtledoves of the circle of relatives Columbidae, California quail and types thereof, gambel or desert quail, mountain quail and sorts thereof, blue grouse and types thereof, ruffed grouse, sage grouse (sage hens), white-tailed ptarmigan, Hungarian partridges, purple-legged partridges, such as the chukar and other types, ring-necked pheasants and types, and wild turkeys of the order Galliformes; and the following recreation mammals: jackrabbits and ranging hares (genus Lepus), cottontail rabbits, brush rabbits, pigmy rabbits (genus Sylvilagus), and tree squirrels (genus Sciurus and Tamiasciurus).

Q: What “massive recreation” species can I hunt?

A: Section 350, Title 14, of the CCR states, “big game”manner the following: deer (genus Odocoileus), elk (genus Cervus), pronghorn antelope (genus Antilocarpa), wild pig (feral pigs, European wild pigs and their hybrids (genus Sus), black bear (genus Ursus) and Nelson bighorn sheep (subspecies Ovis canadensis nelsoni) inside the areas described in subsection 4902(b), of the Fish and Game Code.

Q: What “nongame” species can I hunt?

A: Section 472, Title 14, of the CCR states, except as otherwise provided in Section 478, Title 14, of the CCR and Section 485, Title 14, of the CCR, and subsections (a) thru (d) below, nongame birds and mammals may not be taken.The following nongame birds and mammals can be taken at any time of the 12 months and in any range besides as prohibited in Chapter 6: English sparrow, starling, coyote, weasels, skunks, opossum, moles and rodents (excluding tree and flying squirrels, and those indexed as furbearers, endangered or threatened species).Fallow, sambar, sika, and axis deer may be taken simplest concurrently with the general deer season.Aoudad, mouflon, tahr, and feral goats may be taken all year.American crows (Corvus brachyrhynchos) can be taken simplest beneath the provisions of Section 485 and via landowners or tenants, or by people authorized in writing by way of such landowners or tenants, whilst American crows are committing or about to commit depredations upon decorative or coloration bushes, agricultural plants, farm animals, or natural world, or when concentrated in such numbers and way as to constitute a health threat or other nuisance. Persons authorized by using landowners or tenants to take American crows shall preserve such written authorization in their ownership whilst taking, transporting or owning American crows. American crows may be taken handiest on the lands in which depredations are occurring or where they constitute a fitness risk or nuisance. If required via Federal policies, landowners or tenants shall achieve a Federal migratory fowl depredation allow before taking any American crows or authorizing some other man or woman to take them.

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