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If you are a non-EU/EEA/Swiss country wide, while you travel to Ireland and receive permission to enter and stay inside the us of a, you will obtain a Stamp on your passport.

The Ireland permission Stamps are numbered and function signs of the way long you are allowed to live and what you’re allowed to do at the same time as you stay in Ireland, eg. work, take a look at, and boeliem so forth.

You get hold of the Stamp when you go to a registration workplace to sign up your live of over ninety days with immigration and get hold of your Ireland Residence Permit (IRP).

The distinct Irish immigration Stamps all have their very own regulations and situations which you have to abide with the aid of. Additionally, in case you are aiming for Irish citizenship with the aid of naturalisation somewhere down the street, you can gather the time you spend on a Stamp and meet the “reckonable residence” requirements.

This article will detail the one of a kind kinds of Irish permission stamps and their situations.

Keep in thoughts that because of the infinite motives overseas nationals have for coming to stay in Ireland, this is not an exhaustive listing of situations when a selected Stamp might be issued. That is a choice which the Irish immigration services will make.Stamp 0

You will get hold of a Stamp zero in your passport inside the following instances:If you want to live or retire in Ireland as a person with independent means.If you want to live in Ireland as the as the elderly, based relative of a non-EU/EEA/Swiss national.If you are a travelling instructional at an Irish university or college.If you’re in Ireland to perform paintings on behalf of a foreign agency for a limited time frame.

If you acquire this stamp, you must meet the following conditions:You have to be able to completely support yourself during your live, or, alternatively, your sponsor ought to be able to finance you.You can’t take up any work, except you receive permission via INIS.You have to have personal medical insurance, since you received’t be allowed to get right of entry to any publicly funded offerings.Stamp 1

You will acquire a Stamp 1 in your passport in the following cases:If you will work or perform a commercial enterprise in Ireland (on an Employment Permit).If you’re in Ireland with a Working Holiday Visa.

The situations of this stamp include:You cannot paintings until your enterprise has received an Employment Permit for your behalf.If you don’t have an employment permit, you cannot paintings unless you get a letter of permission from INIS.You should have personal health insurance.Stamp 1A

You will acquire the Irish Stamp 1A if you have permission to examine or paintings complete time in Ireland as a trainee accountant.Stamp 1G

You will acquire this stamp if:

You have finished research in Ireland (maintaining an Irish pupil visa and Stamp 2/2A), and feature received permission to look for work in Ireland underneath the Third Level Graduate Programme. In this example, the Stamp 1G is valid for 1 yr and has the subsequent situations:You can paintings up to 40 hours every week (complete time)You should follow for an Employment Permit if you locate work and want to keep running in Ireland.

You are the spouse/civil associate/de facto accomplice of a Critical Skills Employment Permit or of a Researcher on a Hosting Agreement. In this example, the subsequent situations apply:You can paintings in Ireland without having to get an employment allow.You cannot begin a business or grow to be self-hired.You can renew your Stamp 1G annually. After five years on a stamp 1G, you could apply for a Stamp 4.Stamp 2

You will receive a Stamp 2 on your passport if you are an worldwide pupil in Ireland on an Irish Student Visa and you are taking a complete-time direction that’s protected on the Interim List of Eligible Programmes (ILEP).

The situations of the Ireland Stamp 2 are:You may match up to twenty hours a week throughout the college 12 months.You may go up to forty hours per week on holidays (summer and iciness vacations).You must have private health insurance, because you received’t be allowed to get entry to any publicly funded services.Stamp 2A

You will acquire the Stamp 2A to your passport in case you are an global student taking a full-time direction on a program which isn’t always at the Interim List of Eligible Programmes (ILEP).

For instance, students who are simplest doing a semester overseas in Ireland, however are in any other case enrolled in an distant places faculty will get hold of Stamp 2A.

The conditions of Stamp 2A are:You can’t soak up any sort of paintings with an Irish Stamp 2A.You should have non-public medical health insurance, because you won’t be allowed to get entry to any publicly funded services.Stamp 3

You will obtain Stamp 3 if:You are in Ireland with a Volunteer VisaYou are a Minister of ReligionYou are in Ireland with an Irish Join Family Visa.

The situations of Stamp three are:You cannot paintings or begin a enterprise in Ireland except you have the precise permission (ie. a piece permit).You must have personal health insurance.Stamp four

You will get hold of the Ireland Stamp 4 within the following cases:Upon renewal of your Critical Skills Employment PermitUpon renewal of your Employment Permit as a Researcher under a Hosting Agreement.If you had any other kind of Irish work permit for 5 years.If you need to sign up for your spouse/civil associate/de facto associate who’s an Irish citizen.If you want to enroll in a member of the family who is an EU/EEA/Swiss countrywide (Stamp four EUFam).If you are a conference or programme refugee.If you have got been granted subsidiary protection.If you want to join a family member who’s a identified refugee.If you are the holder of an Ireland Investor Visa or their family member.If you have got acquired an Irish Permanent Residence Permit.

The situations of the Ireland Stamp 4 are:You can paintings while not having to use for a piece allow.You can begin your very own commercial enterprise.You have get admission to to nation offerings and finances.Stamp five

You gets an Ireland Stamp 5 on your passport when you have lived in Ireland for eight years and obtained a “Without Condition as to  Time” endorsement.

This stamp does no longer have a validity date – it’s miles valid for so long as your passport is.Stamp 6

You will obtain an Irish Stamp 6 for your passport as soon as you got Irish citizenship. This shows that you have twin citizenship.Which Stamps count in the direction of “reckonable residence”?

When applying for Irish citizenship via naturalisation, you have to build up as a minimum 5 years (1825 days) of “reckonable residence” in Ireland within 8 years. If you are the partner/civil accomplice of an irish citizen, you must have gathered at the least three years (1095 days) of reckonable house in the past 5 years.

You can prove you’ve spent this time in Ireland by way of adding up the duration of your Irish permission Stamps. However, now not all Stamps depend towards reckonable residence.

The Ireland Stamp which rely in the direction of reckonable residence for Irish citizenship are:Stamp 1Stamp 1G if you are the spouse/civil companion/de facto companion of a Critical Skills Employment Permit or of a Researcher on a Hosting Agreement.Stamp threeStamp 4Stamp 5

If you held the subsequent Stamps, you cannot use them as reckonable house on Irish citizenship programs:Stamp zeroStamp 1AStamp 1G (underneath the Third Level Graduate Programme)Stamp 2Stamp 2A

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