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Apply for a Bobcat Permit or Public Duck/Goose Stamps Hunting Area Permit today!Licenses/StampsHunting Licenses

All searching licenses and kingdom stamps are powerful January 1 of the issuing 12 months through March 31 of the following year. Every person holding a searching license and associated stamps shall have them of their ownership for immediate presentation to any legal law enforcement officer. A bodily or digital license is valid for looking and presentation to regulation enforcement. Purchase licenses or read the Exceptions phase under to find out in case you do now not want a license.

Use the License Finder to realize what licenses, stamps and allows you want to seek a selected animal or season.Novice Hunter Licenses

Want to attempt searching before taking the Hunter Safety direction? Purchase this type of licenses:Apprentice LicenseCan be bought with the aid of someone of any age, such as citizens and non-citizens.Is a one-time, non-renewable, license.Allows the licensee to seek on public assets at the same time as supervised by means of a validly certified resident or nonresident who is 21 years of age or older and has a hunter education certificates. Allows the licensee to hunt on personal assets whilst supervised through a validly certified resident or nonresident hunter who is 21 years of age or older.Youth Hunting and Trapping LicenseAllows the youngsters (less than 18 years of age) to hunt and/or entice even as supervised by an person who’s 21 years of age and has a valid Illinois looking license.If the kids has a legitimate certification of competency from a hunter protection or trapper safety route accepted by using the IDNR, he/she is exempt from the supervision requirements for that hobby.License is renewable until the age requirement is passed.Exceptions

You do now not want a looking license if you meet one or more of the following criteria beneath. Hunting shall be performed best at some stage in intervals of time and with gadgets and methods as are legally allowed. A State Habitat Stamp and suitable permits are still required.Owners living on, or bona fide tenants of, farmlandsand their children, dad and mom, brothers, and sisters permanently living ontheir lands shall have the proper to hunt any criminal game species upon theirprivate lands and waters simplest.Any person on energetic duty with the Armed Forcesof america who is now and who turned into at the time of coming into the ArmedForces a resident of Illinois and who entered the Armed Forces from Illinois,and who is presently on everyday or emergency leave from the Armed Forces.Any resident of Illinois who has a legallydocumented incapacity might also hunt any legal sport species with out shopping ahunting license. A man or woman is considered legally disabled while that person has aType 1 or Type 4, Class 2 incapacity as described in Section 4A of the IllinoisIdentification Card Act.StampsUse the License Finder to know what stamps you need to hunt a particular animal or seasonState Habitat StampMandatory for all people age 18 or older searching deer, turkey, upland birds, squirrels/rabbits or furbearersDisabled veterans and former POWs are exempt from needing this stampState Migratory Waterfowl StampMandatory for everybody age 18 or older searching migratory waterfowlDisabled people and disabled veterans are exempt from wanting this stampLandowners with at least 39.five acres hunting on their very own assets are exempt from wanting this stamp. Stamp is required if hunting some other placeFederal Migratory Waterfowl StampMandatory for all people age sixteen or older searching migratory waterfowlBe positive to sign your call on the face of the stamp earlier than you pass searchingLicense Finder

Use the License Finder to recognise what licenses, stamps and lets in you want to hunt a selected animal or season.

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