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Migratory Game Bird Hunters – Why is it critical to be “HIP”?

If you hunt doves, geese, ducks, sandhill cranes, coots, snipe, rail, or woodcock, you are required to take part in Harvest Information Program (HIP). 

Harvest Information Program (HIP) is a method by way of which kingdom wildlife businesses and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) use to offer reliable estimates of the wide variety of migratory recreation chicken hunters, hunter hobby and migratory game fowl harvest. These estimates provide records needed to make sound selections regarding hunting seasons, bag limits, and population control. HIP has been a federal requirement of these hunting migratory game birds when you consider that 1998.

HIP, incorrectly, has grow to be associated greater carefully with waterfowl hunters. HIP applies to all those who hunt any species of migratory recreation birds. This could include no longer only geese and geese however additionally doves, woodcock, rails, snipe, sandhill cranes, moorhens, band-tailed pigeons, swans, brant, coots and gallinules, for which there is a hard and fast searching season.  If you’re required to shop for a Kansas hunting license and plan to seek any migratory game birds in Kansas, you’re required to gather a Kansas Harvest Information Program (HIP) permit. Even if you hold a lifetime license, you still are required to accumulate a HIP permit. Exemptions from HIP consist of those now not required to have a Kansas hunting license inclusive of humans looking their very own land and residents 15 and more youthful and seventy five and older. It is the hunter duty to satisfy their HIP requirement. Proof of HIP need to be carried with the hunter in the field, and, like a looking or fishing license, should be supplied to a flora and fauna officer upon their request. Hunting migratory birds without HIP certification is like searching without a license—you could be ticketed or fined. You must be HIP certified for every country for that you hunt migratory game birds. The HIP certification procedure varies from kingdom to state. Please check with your nearby wildlife company regarding HIP of their state.

When you buy your Kansas HIP permit, you first are figuring out yourself as migratory sport bird hunter. Secondly, the licensing supplier will ask you a chain of quick questions regarding your hunting enjoy during closing year’s season. These questions area you in a sampling stratum from which the USFWS selects small pattern to finish a greater special survey about this yr’s upcoming looking season. These brief questions that you are asked about last year’s searching enjoy while you emerge as HIP-licensed are not a part of the survey, and are not used to collect harvest estimates, however are truely used to pick out what forms of birds you generally hunt.  This lets in the USFWS to goal its surveys to the perfect hunters.  For example, maximum surveys about dove harvest are despatched to hunters who typically hunt doves, even as most waterfowl harvest surveys are despatched to hunters who usually hunt ducks and/or ducks. If you best hunt geese and ducks – no snipe or rails, no moorhens or gallinules – why is it that I have to answer questions about those species? The USFWS wishes with a purpose to touch folks who hunt various birds. This narrows the sector and allows the USFWS to invite greater special questions about what turned into harvested.

If your name is one of the few decided on for the countrywide harvest survey, you’ll acquire a personal letter and a searching file form and will be requested to voluntarily keep a document of the range of migratory birds you harvest at some point of the season. You may be given an addressed, postage-paid envelope to go back your looking shape at the cease of the season. This survey presents the facts used to broaden national harvest estimates for all migratory birds. A few pick out individuals are requested to ship in wings of migratory sport birds they harvest to help decide species, age, sex, and different important harvest statistics. All HIP responses are saved strictly exclusive and are not used for any other reason.  As soon because the survey is completed, the USFWS destroys all hunter names and cope with records.

As HIP data is accumulated on the time a looking license is bought whether or not at a store or on line. At the license counter, the license agent ought to ask the HIP questions as part of the licensing technique; if they do no longer inquire, you need to remind them of HIP’s requirement. Kansas costs a small price to cover administrative fees. KDWPT or USFWS receives no income from this application. HIP is Stamps precisely to gather facts and isn’t always a means of elevating cash for conservation applications.

What do hunters benefit from HIP?

An comprehensible query is ‘What does HIP suggest to me, as an character requested to participate in this annual series of inquiries?’ The massive majority of hunters who participate are doing so because they comprehend it’s crucial and recognize why it’s crucial as hunters. Hunters aren’t simply human beings answering a survey but are partners in facts collection that without delay affects looking opportunities. As the threats and concerns for migratory hen populations retain to mount, it’s miles vital to collect the satisfactory records possible about the elements affecting these populations. It is within the hunter’s fine interest to have natural world control decisions based totally on clinical proof, no longer on evaluations, philosophies, or politics. It handiest takes a few moments to give wildlife managers the records they want to make certain that our migratory hen resources–and looking tradition–could be round for destiny generations to enjoy.

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