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Target is a leading grocery retailer in the U.S. and accepts SNAP EBT cards as payment at authorized store locations. According to QuerySprout, Target customers can use their EBT card to purchase groceries, such as fruit, vegetables, meat, cereal, whole wheat bread, grains, canned fish, juice and milk.
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Most Target stores use labels so that customers can easily identify which items may be purchased with an EBT card. Any additional items that you wish to purchase must be paid with an alternative form of payment.
Quersprout noted that most EBT products are covered by Target’s 90-day return policy unless stated otherwise. Your EBT card will be refunded when you provide a receipt or you will receive store credit or an identical item in exchange.
QuerSprout says that when you reach an operated register, you will need to separate your SNAP-eligible products from your other items. The cashier will process your SNAP items first and you can make your payment by swiping your card and entering your PIN.
At self-checkout, you will not need to separate your items and the computer will apply the discount as your swipe each item.
Target does not accept EBT cards as payment for purchases. QuerySprout also says that EBT cards can not be used for grocery delivery or curbside pickup.
You can’t purchase non-grocery items and most energy drinks have been removed from the list. However, QuerSprout stated that specific packages may include Red Bull.
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There are restrictions at Target Mini-Stores, such as Starbucks, CVS Health centers, opticians and Apple stands. EBT cards cannot be used to purchase optical support, pharmaceuticals or electronics. However, some SNAP packages may allow you to purchase coffee and cakes at Starbucks mini-stores.
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