• Issue: April 1966
  • Designer: O. Adler
  • Plate no.: 162
  • Method of printing: Photogravure

The Memorial Division of the Ministry of Defense, in cooperation with institutions of the Israel Defense Force, organizes the annual Memorial Day ceremonies for fallen soldiers. According to law, all places of entertainment in the country are closed on the eve of Memorial Day and the President broadcasts a condolence speech to bereaved families. Ministers of State, heads of municipalities, representatives of government offices and of the public join in ceremonies at military cemeteries in the memory of the fallen heroes. Memorial Day is before the annual Independence Day - a symbol of the saying that "joy follows mourning."

The Defense Ministry decided to build eight monuments where historic battles were fought during the War of Liberation. The first is dedicated to the memory of the liberators of the Upper Galilee at Mezudat Ha-Koah (Mezudat Yesha); the second in memory of the liberators of the Lower Galilee is at the Afulah-Nazareth-Tiberias (Teveryah) crossroad.

The monument for the liberators of the Lower Galilee depicted on the 1966 Memorial stamp is on a hilltop, visible from far. Its two triangular masses represent the Star of David. One points skywards, symbolizing the victory of the liberators, while the second pointing earthwards indicates the union of the fallen with the living. The monument is 12 meters high; the length of the wall is 48 meters, of light-colored stone from the quarries of the Lower Galilee. It was designed by Dr. lng. Asher Hiram of Jerusalem.

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Memorial Day 1966